August Issue - 2018

Encantado Magazine - Real Estate Today by Ronn Perea

Ronn Perea

Houses Homes for sale in Albuquerque

Greetings to all. Are you interested in buying real estate for resale? Or are you simply interested in selling your home to move on in life?

Here are some added ways and means to accomplish these goals and do it at a profit.  But first take note at what time of the year you are attempting to do this.

Now in August, you have 3 - 4 weeks to sell your home outright or on terms during these dog days of August.  Why?  Because at the end of the month, the dreaded part of every year hits.  Back to school, Santa Fe Fiestas, Indian and Spanish Markets, State Fair, then the Balloons present dreaded competition that you will not win over in you selling your house.

If you do not sell by the end of August, take your house off the market to put it back on the Monday after the Balloons pack up and go away in mid October.  It will then look fresh on the market.

Through the bad and good years, I have 23 years of seeing this repeat itself.  And why should this year be any different?

If you find yourself in this scenario, contact me at  I will offer you a free consultation.

To efficiently guide you through this undertaking, may I also introduce you to another individual that I profess to be an expert on the topic.  He is PHIL DEBERARDINIS, 505-492-7222.

Not only is he a NM realtor with Platinum Realty, he is also a bonified investor.  Along with his partner, Jody Wood, he buys his own to sell his own.

He works with primary occupants and buying and selling investors in multiple ways.  #1 he offers investors insights consulting strategies on buying and selling.  #2 And to primary sellers, Phil is a General Contractor so he can offer insight on what to fix and make shine for resale.

Phil has been in New Mexico for 3 years from Florida.  As such, he has teamed up with the real estate club called ACRES, Albuquerque Convention of Real Estate Services.

He also now conducts their second Thursday of every month club meetings at the Domingo Baca Multi-generational Center.  $15 admission offers networking opportunities with Realtors, investors, interior designers and all kinds of rehabbing contacts.

And don't forget our introduction from last month's article for all kinds of real estate financing.  Your sure shot for hard money resource as well as conventional financing is Alex Minero 991-3396.

And if you need an investor insight, I CAN GIVE YOU INSIGHT on the more profitable ways of selling your property that are open to you.  (It would be nice to meet my readership)  Just visit:  Til next month.

Till next month, I can be reached at

Houses Homes for sale in Albuquerque

Houses Homes for sale in Albuquerque

Houses Homes for sale in Albuquerque

Ronn is proud to be a contributing writer for Encantado Magazine where he will be sharing his expertise in real estate investing.